How to pick Sunglasses for men.

Everyone Brett McKay from The Art of Manliness, calm, it’s summertime, it’s really bright and I’ve had a lot of requests from readers to do a article or video on how to pick the perfect pair of shades. So I’m going to do that today and I’m going to talk to Gary black he’s the owner of black optical here in Tulsa Oklahoma. So let’s go talk to him and find out how to pick the perfect pair of shades hi welcome to black optical.

I’M Gary we’re here to help you find the perfect pair of sunglasses, so I feel like there’s four sun-god shapes that every guy should know the first one being the Wayfarer think JFK Bob Dylan classic as it gets, and any guy can pull it off and it’s Definitely the most effortless of all the shapes next up, not as easy to wear, but it’s one that everybody thinks they can wear. Then it’s the aviator aviator there’s a lot of variations. You have round aviators. You have teardrop aviators, like the one I’m wearing.

You have navigators or a little more square, definitely be aware of which one you’re picking in which one fits your face. Shape next shape is the Clubman it’s kind of like the Wayfarer, but a little more souped up plastic on top. While your bottom, I think, a little more militant and a little more structure, the last shape, which is probably know how to describe it, probably the most rock and roll of all of them, it’s the round, more John Lennon or the birds. So I’m always asked what face shapes and sound gosh shakes people should wear. I mean I think it’s a myth. You know when they say arch, a face, we’re square and round face, whereas rectangle to me, that’s not personal style, but I do think you need to keep it simple. So if it fits your personality, wear it, you know, there’s a little rebel and all of us and we’re all men. So you shouldn’t be told with you, my biggest pet peeve of all bridge fit can’t stand when I see glasses sitting too high on people or too low. Think if you’re going to wear them, they need to frame your face perfect. So we use Jason as a model kind of show you some examples of bridge fit we’ll start with a classic Wayfarer, because it’s a frame that everybody can wear this frame here. You know the shape is good on them, but it’s it’s a little bit high.

Whenever you get a frame(from glasses direct), that’s too high you’ll, let a lot of light in it also kind of pulls your face up. We’Ll take these off we’ll put on this other frame. This bridge is actually too small, so it frames is face, shaped nice not going to get Sun and topper bottom, but it looks like it’s squeezing his nose doesn’t look comfortable and this. My friends is an example of a perfect bridge. Fit doesn’t set too high, doesn’t set too low, so the bridge is really the distance between lenses on your nose. So from here to here and with bridge fits a millimeter can make your image different kind of fit, but then it seemed like margin. Frames are next to each other, but on your face, it’s a big difference, kind of like having a tailored shirt, all right so Gary. I want you to take me through, like what do you go through with a customer when they come in and want to buy a pair of shades? What’S the process that you take together with? Well, let’s find you the perfect pair first thing I would ask, is what’s your style, you know, but I’m looking a little more casual.

I’Ve done the aviator for a while. My wife thinks I look like a 1970s pop and then I kind of like watch. Oh yeah, like yeah, I’m looking for something a little more casual laid-back, okay! Well, let’s start with Wayfarers and I think they’re, the most effortless you dress them up. You dress them down start with this pair okay. So, what’s going on with this one yeah this one, I think it’s a little too angular for your face shape or for the style you’re going for yeah I mean wants him to effortless. You should go to softer softer edges, all right, how’s the bridge, fit on this one. We can do better. You do better yeah, so you grab one this little rounder. Let’S do this. This is the Barton Pereira, okay, a little bit thinner profile, which I think makes them a little more effortless. I think those are pretty sharp. Those do look really sharp looks like JFK and I it does, but that block to me isn’t casual.

Let’S say something just a little more casual a little bit softer in color studies. Those are perfect. What are these? That’S the Garrett like Kinney, okay, um, the colors sage green. So it’s not really black, not brown. I think it makes an interesting and casual Umbridge fits nice excellent. So it’s not sitting too high on my face not too high, not too low. Just right perfectly covers your eye. Awesome one size when you buy a pair and even if you find the right one you like are there adjustments you can make we can. We can adjust everything but the bridge. Okay. So if they’re kind of slipping down your nose, we get tight behind the ears.

If we will crooked, we can level them out. You know if you want them to have a little more face, form. Give you a little more wraps. If you do that as well. All right yeah, I’m diggin! These look really nice make the perfect awesome alright. So I hope that was useful. I want to thank Gary black that block optical for showing us how to pick the perfect pair of shades until next time. This is Brett Mackay telling you to stay manly. What do you guys think I give it a thumbs out? Whatever, on youtubes gon na be like those look bad but whatever you got ta trust, but the thing is you can’t listen to others. She got ta trust yourself, yeah only. You know your own style, it’s all about your don’t start, and you got to own this. You got to own it, I’m gon na own, this you are get on it all right! Oh