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Wild Earth has already won huge acclaim from puppy proprietors and buyers with a a hit line of meat-unfastened puppy treats and has set their points of interest on developing 100% nutritionally entire puppy meals that competitors the highest-best animal-primarily based totally ingredients available in the marketplace however additionally breaks the grip of manufacturing unit farming and its ruinous impact at the fitness of our pets and the surroundings.

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Wild Earth’s canine meals can be to be had in unbiased puppy meals shops national beginning in September 2019, with United Pacific Pet (UPP) serving because the distinct distributor in California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii.

A recent UCLA study calculated that the manufacturing of canine and cat meals generates the equal of sixty four million lots of carbon dioxide according to yr ensuing in 25-30% of the environmental effect of meat intake in the United States. Wild Earth’s paradigm-moving puppy meals replaces manufacturing unit-farmed meat with yeast proteins that offer the ten critical amino acids that puppies require with out the damaging results of meat manufacturing.

“The results of meat manufacturing at the surroundings are well-documented and totally unsustainable, and puppy meals is a big a part of the problem. The irony is that there’s a higher way, puppies can thrive on a easy, plant-primarily based totally diet,” stated Wild Earth CEO Ryan Bethencourt. “When we got down to make the healthiest meals for our pets and the surroundings, we knew we needed to appearance beyond meat. We’re of route additionally animal lovers, so kind, cruelty-unfastened vitamins that avoids lab animal trying out is of extreme significance to us.”

Wild Earth’s easy protein formulation is the enterprise’s first canine meals that makes use of yeast protein as the primary ingredient, a unique, most important supply of nutritional fiber that is absent in animal meat and incredibly missing in traditional canine ingredients. Thus, the formulation presents a easy protein supply with an delivered dietary boost.

The veterinarian-evolved meals gives 31% entire proteins in each scoop and a herbal umami (meaty) flavor that puppies love. By utilising 100% useful ingredients — oats, candy potatoes, chickpeas, blueberries, pumpkin, spinach — puppies are dealt with to healthful fibers, vitamins, antioxidants, chloride and potassium. And those reassets offer energy, coronary heart fitness, immune device support, higher digestion and nutrient absorption, amongst different key blessings. There also are no synthetic preservatives or flavors and no corn, soy or rice in Wild Earth’s formulation.

Wild Earth has secured extra than $sixteen million in investment to date such as a Series A spherical led through VegInvest introduced in advance this yr, and $550,000 from Mark Cuban, proprietor of the Dallas Mavericks and decide on ABC’s Shark Tank.

“I invested in Wild Earth due to the fact they have got the ability to convert the Pet Food enterprise much like Beyond Meat has converted the beef enterprise,” stated Cuban. “The launch in their first flagship product, a easy, excessive protein canine meals, is a massive milestone for the entire puppy meals enterprise.”

Yeast-primarily based totally proteins, acknowledged to develop without problems at scale and require considerably fewer sources than meat, are accredited through the Association of American Feed Control Officials and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as secure for puppies. Yeast presents all of the dietary blessings of meat, with out the bad effect at the surroundings.

“A not unusualplace false impression is that puppies want animal meat of their diet, however what they truely want is protein. And protein is with ease to be had to puppies from plenty of plant and fungi-primarily based totally reassets. In fact, many might be amazed to analyze that the fungal proteins utilized by Wild Earth include extra protein according to gram than beef,” stated Wild Earth Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Ernie Ward.

Representatives from Wild Earth can be to be had at this yr’s SuperZoo conference. Join them at booth #565 to analyze extra approximately the company’s nutritionally-entire, excessive-protein person canine meals.

wild earth dog food promo code
wild earth dog food promo code