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First Glance
The Straight My Teeth adventure starts offevolved with an in-domestic impact package or a visit to the Smile Studio. You’ll have your enamel straightened using custom aligners, with numerous units to get you through your remedy.

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Make impressions at home or go to the Ashford Smile Studio
A very low-value treatment when as compared to many competitors
Option to pay with low cost month-to-month instalments
Available for teens elderly 14 or over
Limited wide variety of check-ins
You’ll have to pay more for refinements if you’re no longer happy
Only one bodily Smile Studio location
Who is at the back of Straight My Teeth?
The Straight My Teeth head workplace is placed in Cork, Ireland.
Made up of certified dentists and orthodontists, the Straight My Teeth group is headed through Farhan Barlow and Omer Zia. This is a fairly younger company, launching in early 2020.

Straight My Teeth only gives clean dental aligners. As specialists on this product, they recognition on treating clients in 14 months at maximum. For now, maximum customers will must do their very own dental impressions at domestic.

Who can use Straight My Teeth aligners? Don’t forget to use the straight my teeth promo code to get £50 off.
On the Straight My Teeth website, you can fill in a 30-second Free Assessment form. This asks questions about your teeth and is step one to finding out if you’re a candidate for Straight My Teeth remedy.

You ought to be at the least 14 years vintage to be considered for treatment, and your enamel have to want mild to mild straightening. Clear aligners will now not be the first-rate preference for the ones with extreme overcrowding.

If you’ve got present dental problems, you may also need to solve these first. Clear aligners might not be suitable when you have gum disease, cavities or troubles together with your wisdom tooth.

The clean aligners can resolve problems with crooked enamel, crowded tooth or unusually wide spacing.

To be eligible, you need to have all your permanent adult tooth.

Once you’ve been accredited and located your order, you will be requested to publish your dental records. This is in order that Straight My Teeth can affirm which you’re in appropriate dental health.

How are the dental aligners made?
Aligners are created the usage of BPA unfastened plastic this is transparent and medically approved. The plastics are supplied via Dentsply Sirona, which is one of the leading corporations for dental products inside the UK.

Aligners are FDA accepted. To get yours, the first step is to reserve a domestic impact package. The impressions you make might be used as moulds to make your clear dental aligners. You can also go to Ashford’s Smile Studio, for impressions taken by means of a certified dentist with a free dental scan.

What treatment options are available?
There is best one option for Straight My Teeth clients, coming within the form of clean dental aligners.

Aligners need to be worn for more or less 22 hours in keeping with day. You’ll want to take away them for consuming and drinking, then brush your enamel before you positioned them back. Teeth should be brushed after every meal, and every drink apart from water. You’ll also need to easy your aligners to preserve them clear and hygienic.

Each set of aligners will most effective closing more than one weeks. You’ll want to switch to a brand new set to maintain along with your straightening treatment. Each set of aligners is very slightly unique from the last, slowly moving your tooth into their final position.

How long does Straight My Teeth treatment take?
For most people, treatment will take among 6-365 days in total. Some people can also have a shorter treatment, while others may also put on their aligners for slightly longer.

Almost everyone will have finished their remedy within a 14-month period.

Are there some other steps to take?
You’ll get hold of your aligners inside the mail, to undergo your treatment at home. You don’t need to do anything, except often swap your clear aligners for the subsequent set to retain your remedy.

How a whole lot does Straight My Teeth remedy fee?
If you pay prematurely for your treatment, the total value could be £999. Choosing this selection may also mean which you receive a enamel whitening package.

There are additional fees that you’ll want to take into account before you sign on for treatment.

Impression Kit
The home affect kit, had to start treatment, charges £forty nine in total. This price may be refunded if you’re no longer eligible for treatment.

For your money, you’ll get affect putty, trays, a cheek retractor and disposable gloves.

If you are making a mistake along with your first kit, you will need to pay for a 2d one. The fee of your 2nd influence package might be reduced by 50%. If then you definately go in advance with remedy, the value of the second package might be completely refunded.

It’s well worth checking for special offers on the Straight My Teeth website. The impact kit is every now and then available for as little as £29.99.

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