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The Hydrow changed into the primary rower to provide stay streaming and on-call for workout routines the use of a large, integrated HD touchscreen screen. Other businesses (first Peloton, however many now) have carried out the equal precept to spin cycles, treadmills, or even domestic gyms.

It makes experience that a corporation might sooner or later follow this concept to rowing (and I’m a touch amazed Peloton hasn’t pop out with one yet).

But searching on the Hydrow (super call with the aid of using the manner), I don’t get the affect they rushed into getting this component at the market.

I suggest it’s stylish, hi-tech, and loaded with business grade components.

In different words- it absolutely is the Peloton of rowing.

But, much like Peloton, it comes with a hefty rate tag. My intention for this evaluation is that will help you determine whether or not or now no longer the Hydrow is really well worth making an investment in.

Off we move.


The Hydrow Rowing Machine

The age of on-call for workout routines is amongst us. This is right information for oldsters trying to get the enjoy of a boutique health clubnasium from the consolation of domestic. Especially withinside the time of COVID-19, it’s pleasant now no longer having to depart domestic to get a super exercise in.

I hate to hold bringing Peloton up, however it’s simply such an apparent comparison. Especially given that Hydrow took such a lot of pages immediately out in their playbook.

Which isn’t a terrible component, pretty the contrary.

Peloton changed into a entire recreation changer withinside the international of domestic health. When different businesses found out human beings are inclined to pay month-to-month subscriptions for streaming domestic workout routines, they speedy accompanied suite.

Not all businesses presenting streaming device are equal. Some are better-give up and extra steeply-priced than others.

Hydrow, to the satisfactory of my knowledge, changed into the primary corporation to use the streaming technique to a rowing gadget. Others, like Echelon and their Smart Rower, are beginning to observe Hydro’s lead though.

But much like Peloton nevertheless remains (in my opinion) the satisfactory streaming cycle, Hydrow remains the satisfactory streaming rower. It’s high-give up and steeply-priced from pinnacle to bottom, however I’m getting a touch in advance of myself.


  • Interactive workout routines from domestic
  • Heavy-duty, unmarried piece body
  • 375 lb weight capacity
  • Advanced, computer-managed magnetic resistance gadget
  • Adjustable drag
  • 22″ HD touchscreen screen
  • Access to masses of stay and on-call for workout routines
  • Smooth gliding seat/rail gadget
  • Easily adjustable foot pedals
  • Easy assembly
  • Good warranty


  • Vertical garage package now no longer included


Rowing machines can generally be divided into four classes primarily based totally on what kind of resistance gadget they use: hydraulic, magnetic, air, or water.

Some magnetic rowers are genuinely hybrid machines that use a aggregate of magnetic and air systems, however this class is generally the perfect manner to reflect onconsideration on rowing gadget resistance.

Each has their benefits and disadvantages, however that’s a touch out of doors of the scope for this evaluation (for extra data in this, take a look at out my rowing gadget guide).

What’s exciting approximately the Hydrow is that it appears they’ve advanced their very own resistance gadget.

They describe it as a “computer-managed, electromagnetic resistance gadget”. What this sounds want to me, is that it’s designed to imitate the texture of rowing in water, however electronically.

I might positioned this withinside the magnetic class we defined above, however in contrast to conventional magnetic rowers that hold a steady anxiety no matter how rapid your row, rowing the Hydrow due to the fact less difficult or tougher primarily based totally in your pace.

Just like an air or water rower. Or rowing a actual boat on a actual lake.

In a boat, the quicker your row, the extra resistance you get from the water. It’s a physics component. Air and water rowers use fan blades that mimic this sense, however they make extra noise.

The Hydrow combines the advantages of magnetic and air/water rowers with the aid of using giving us a silent rower that also adjusts the resistance primarily based totally on the rate of our strokes.


Unlike conventional magnetic rowers, there are no “resistance levels” to alter throughout your workout routines. Instead, you may manipulate the drag the use of the touchscreen.

This is just like placing the drag on an air rower with the aid of using adjusting the vents.

The Hydrow’s drag settings may be adjusted on a scale from 0-three hundred, despite the fact that a placing of 104 is usually recommended and taken into consideration a terrific beginning factor.

Something to don’t forget- growing the drag doesn’t always suggest you’re getting a higher exercise. Rowing at a decrease drag and better pace may be substantially extra challenging.

One of the Hydrow running shoes places it like this- reflect onconsideration on doing bicep curls withinside the health clubnasium: in case you’re lifting at a tempo of 30 curls/min, you’re going to want much less weight than in case you have been lifting at 12 curls/min.

I paraphrased him large time there, however I suppose the factor remains.

The drag is essentially how “heavy” every stroke feels, however rowing at quicker speeds additionally makes the resistance move up. Rowing at slower speeds reduces the resistance, making it less difficult.

Overall, the computer-guided resistance gadget is state-of-the-art and unique. Utilizing a magnetic gadget, it runs quietly and easily and might provide sufficient resistance to task even the maximum proficient rowers.


Frame integrity is an crucial component to don’t forget while searching at any kind of health device. Nobody desires to shop for some thing that’s going to sense reasonably-priced and flimsy.

And maximum importantly, we want to make sure the piece of device is robust sufficient to maintain our frame weight thoroughly with out failing.

At first glance, the Hydrow appears stylish and cutting-edge in design. More importantly, the body appears thick and strong. Closer inspection indicates that the body and rail are all a unmarried piece.

This way the Hydrow can’t fold, however it’s going to sense rock strong throughout use.

More specifically, this rower is comprised of high-give up metal and aluminum and is robust sufficient to maintain customers weighing as much as 375 lb.

For the sake of comparison, maximum domestic rowers pinnacle out with weight capacities round three hundred lb.

Fully assembled, this rower weighs one hundred forty five lb, giving it a sturdy sense. You shouldn’t should fear approximately any undesirable wobbling or shaking throughout strenuous use.

The seat is contoured for consolation and slides easily over the rail with its 10-curler gadget. The handles also are contoured and connected to the flywheel thru a high-give up, polyester strap.

Straps (or belts) are quiet and occasional maintenance, making them precise selections for rowing machines.

Although this body doesn’t fold, it may be saved vertically, however you need to buy the garage package separately (for $70). Given the rate of this rower, I suppose Hydrow ought to encompass this package with buy.

Overall though, the body in this rowing gadget is high-give up and heavy-duty. It has a big weight limit, indicative of body integrity and typical durability.


Most rowing machines include easy LCD monitors as monitors- now no longer this one though. After all, the screen is type of a large deal on the subject of streaming workout routines.

The Hydrow comes with a 22″ HD touchscreen display. It’s essentially like having a massive iPad sitting in the front of you- all alternatives and modifications are made with the aid of using touching the sweat/dirt resistant screen.

Very cool.

The screen is fantastic and is derived with integrated ahead dealing with speakers, supplying you with a extra interactive sense with the instructors. It’s additionally like minded with bluetooth, wi-fi, and ethernet connections.

Speaking of the instructors, they’re all expert running shoes who make a dwelling offering a laugh and motivating workout routines.

To ensure we’re all at the equal page- you need to pay a month-to-month subscription to get get entry to to all of the stay and on-call for workout routines (there are masses, with new ones being filmed each day).

There’s clearly no getting across the month-to-month fee, which I consider is $38 ($456/year). You should join up for it to apply your Hydrow.

Which makes experience, due to the fact there wouldn’t be any cause to get this gadget in case you weren’t in it for the streaming workout routines- that’s the factor of the Hydrow.

So, there are masses of workout routines you get to pick from, each stay and formerly recorded on-call for. What I suppose is clearly cool is that the workout routines are filmed at the water- the running shoes are genuinely rowing on scenic waterways, how cool is that?

You get to peer and listen water throughout your workout routines. And with the aid of using scenic, we’re speakme quite rivers with sunsets and all that jazz.

There are workout routines to in shape each enjoy and health degree out there. There’s even masses of informational data to make sure novices are rowing effectively to start with.

Overall, the Hydrow comes with a completely superior screen. It’s ideal for viewing all of the streaming cloth to be had thru Hydrow’s streaming service.


Getting the Hydrow unpacked and jogging is a totally smooth process. The parents at the back of this rower have executed an extremely good task of creating this version easy to assemble.

Considering the bulk of the rower comes preassembled, there’s now no longer tons you need to do.

You essentially simply need to connect the the front legs, connect the display, and plug it in. Yeah, it’s that smooth, must best take some minutes.

I’m usually a fan while organizations consider the small matters to make our lives simpler. Hydrow did this with the aid of using which include a cardboard rectangular cutout thingy for us to prop the rower on at the same time as attaching the the front toes.

This makes it plenty simpler to put the toes and get them bolted correctly.

Assembly the Hydrow is an smooth task, however thinking about its full-size weight, nonetheless is probably an amazing concept to have a 2nd set of arms available.


The Hydrow comes with the subsequent assurance:

  • Frame: 6 years
  • Screen and electronics: 2 years
  • Wear gadgets: 2 years
  • Labor: 18 months

I’ve were given to say, I’m pleasantly amazed with the aid of using the beneficiant assurance being provided here. Six years at the body is quite precise for a rower (the extremely good Concept2 Model E best gives five years on their body).

Two years on electronics and put on gadgets is likewise greater beneficiant than maximum. FYI- put on gadgets encompass the handle, seat, and strap.

18 months on exertions is top notch too, thinking about maximum organizations provide 12 months (in the event that they provide any exertions assurance in any respect that is).

Overall, a fantastic assure at the Hydrow.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt the Hydrow is a pleasing rowing gadget. Every component of this rower is designed with each shape and feature in mind.

I love that the body includes a unmarried piece and that it comes with this kind of excessive weight capacity. I’m additionally inspired with the pc managed magnetic resistance gadget that mixes all of the advantages of air and magnetic rowers.

The display is large and technologically superior and this gadget is even sponsored with the aid of using a fantastic assurance.

So, is the Hydrow top notch?


But is it 2 grand top notch?

That’s a touch tougher to answer, due to the fact it’s so subjective. But, if we study the comps, it may supply us a higher concept.

Based at the fee of the Peloton, I might say yes, the fee of roughly $2000 is appropriate, thinking about a 22″ HD show is included.

The closest rower for assessment is probably NordicTrack’s RW900, that is about $500 cheaper, however isn’t pretty as excessive-cease and luxurious.

The Hydrow is pricey, however it’s additionally the highest-cease, maximum technologically superior rower at the market. If that’s what you’re searching for, then this rower is honestly really well worth the money.

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